In 2019, my husband and I embarked on a three-week journey to Tanzania, fulfilling a childhood dream that had been nurtured since 1984. This dream took root when Walter Rausch, a teacher, joined my high school that year. I was 15 at the time, and Walter, having spent four years living and working in Tanzania prior to his arrival, brought with him an abundance of captivating stories.

For me, this marked the arrival of the vast world into my small town. I found myself endlessly fascinated, harboring dreams of one day exploring Tanzania. However, it wasn't until more than 30 years later that this dream materialized. In 2019, my husband and I, accompanied by Walter, traveled the country together.

Throughout his lifetime, Walter also established a significant private aid organization, subsequently founding the association "Tanzania AG of the Friedrichs-Gymnasium Herford e.V." for this purpose. Demonstrating an impressive personal commitment, he annually collects donations in the five-digit range. These funds primarily contribute to supporting the education and vocational training of children whose parents would otherwise struggle to afford it. Notably, 100% of the donations find their way to Tanzania and directly benefit Tanzanians in need! Walter typically distributes the donations personally on-site, reaching as many as 170 families under his care.


We experienced an exceptionally impactful day during our visit to the Msasani Primary School in Dar es Salaam. This institution caters to hearing-impaired and deaf children, some of whom have additional mental and physical needs. Notably, a few of these children receive ongoing support from the Tanzania AG.

The school principal warmly welcomed us, personally introducing us to each class, and graciously permitted us to capture moments through photography throughout the premises. Following this memorable visit, I translated those captured moments into the first five paintings of the Series "Schoolchildren in Tanzania."

Since then, my art has played an active role in supporting the endeavors of the Tanzania AG at Friedrichs-Gymnasium Herford. For every sale of a piece from this series, a donation is contributed to the association. Additionally, I routinely incorporate a donation box at art exhibitions wherever feasible.

Notably, two paintings from this series have found a home in the international portrait collection "The Art Connect" housed at Standard Chartered Bank in Taiwan.


Here you can check the availability of the works from the Tanzania Series:


CURRENT DONATION CAMPAIGN: Msasani Primary School needs around EUR 2000 to equip the school canteen with furniture. I am organizing a charity event in Cologne on 14th January 2024 for this purpose.


Since 2021, I have collaborated with the talented photographer CK from Dar es Salaam. He has not only visited the Msasani Primary School on my behalf to capture additional reference photos for my series "Schoolchildren in Tanzania," but I have also entrusted him with other models I wished to portray, facilitating engaging photo sessions for my artistic endeavors.

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