There is something very special about double portraits of close girlfriends or boyfriends. The models are not only interacting with the photographer, which sometimes makes them a bit more shy than they normally are. But rather, there is a clearly visible connection between the two and that may even make them a little braver than usual. You could also say that the friend loosens up the artificial situation of the photo shoot.


When Seona created the first "Friends" painting (Afghanistan), she noticed the subtle interaction between the two girls in front of the camera and was immediately fascinated by it. This fascination grew as she painted more double portraits of friends and decided to start a new series of works.

Seona believes from the bottom of her heart that personal encounters and nurturing friendships are the key to a more peaceful world. Making friends is not only much easier than making enemies, it is also much more rewarding. This may seem more than obvious, but apparently it is not when you look at what is happening in the world, in Ukraine, Syria and many other places. This series is therefore dedicated to the many forms of friendships everywhere.

Here you can find available paitings from the Friends series:



Auch für diese Reihe arbeitet Seona mit internationalen Fotograf*innen zusammen. Aber sie geht auch in ihrer eigenen Stadt und Umgebung auf die suche nach Freundschaften. Manchmal spricht sie dabei einfach Passant*innen auf der Straße an. Bisher haben alle einem spontanen Foto-Shooting begeistert zugestimmt. Im Moment hat sie sogar schon mehr Fotos zusammen, als sie Zeit hat zu malen! Aber das macht ja nichts, denn die Serie ist nicht zeitlich begrenzt.

For this series, Seona also collaborates with international photographers. But she also goes in search of friendships in her own city and surroundings. Sometimes she simply approaches passers-by on the street. So far, they have all enthusiastically agreed to a spontaneous photo shoot. At the moment she even has more photos together than she has time to paint! But that doesn't matter, because the series is not limited in time.