I have always harbored a desire to contribute something, in some way, to make the world a slightly better place, wherever and however I can. My thoughts are consistently occupied with people from all walks of life and everywhere in the world, driven by the admittedly idealistic belief that everyone, regardless of their location, deserves happiness. Consequently, my commitment to humanity and diversity extends beyond the confines of the canvas. While painting individuals, I am driven by a genuine intent to give back, aiming to delve even deeper than my artistic endeavors and actively engage in meaningful ways.


Each time I paint a person, the artwork becomes intricately intertwined with a narrative. In instances where I am personally acquainted with the model, I become privy to their story, or at least a fragment of it. However, there are occasions when the model remains a stranger, and the narrative unfolds through various other parameters. At times, it materializes exclusively within the realms of my creative thoughts, a realm molded by my overarching life experiences, acquired knowledge, and frequently, my emotional landscape.


On certain occasions, the narrative becomes entwined with that of someone else I know. In such instances, my narrative world and theirs seamlessly connect. This synergy manifested when I crossed paths with Anjan Ghosh, an accomplished Indian photographer based in Kolkata, and embarked on the journey of painting portraits inspired by his photographs. For both him and me, art serves as a powerful medium to forge connections with others and, ultimately, extend assistance to those in need.


In August 1991, I embarked on my very first airplane journey. A 21-year-old, flying solo, in an era before cell phones and rolling suitcases, bound for Delhi. Over two months, I traveled the country as a young student, encountering breathtaking landscapes, remarkable individuals, and immersing myself in an incredibly captivating and diverse culture.

Despite my initial intention to travel to Tanzania, I opted for India. The reason? A pen pal in Delhi. The undeniable advantage of being greeted at the airport and having the opportunity to acclimate gradually prompted this choice. It turned out to be serendipitous. I experienced an abundance of unforgettable moments, and to this day, India continues to exert a profound fascination on me.

Through Anjan's photos, I embark on an artistic journey through India once again, feeling as intimately connected to its people as I did all those years ago.

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Since 2020, I have collaborated with the accomplished photographer Anjan Ghosh from Kolkata. Every portrait I create of individuals from India is crafted using his reference photos. Notably, with each sale of these paintings, 10% of the proceeds are allocated to support individuals or projects in rural India or the slums of prominent cities such as Kolkata.

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