In my art, I explore what defines human beings, what makes us truly human, and how we encounter one another. My aim is to break down barriers and overcome distances. I delve into the diversity of different cultures, subcultures, and individual characters, placing the emotions of each individual at the forefront. While capturing everything I perceive, I focus on the commonalities rather than the differences.

My realistic portraits invite encounters with people of all kinds. While "the Other" often fascinates and attracts us from afar, as we draw closer, the differences fade from view and we instead recognize the commonalities that unite us all as human beings. Bridging this path, this distance, is the goal I continually pursue with every brushstroke.

During the challenging years of the pandemic, I embraced modern communication technologies as a means to collaborate internationally, enriching my artistic vision and showcasing the power of connectivity. Drawing inspiration from my personal experiences, I've found resonance in the vibrant cultures of India and Tanzania, which have emerged as focal points in my artistic exploration. However, my creative pursuits extend beyond geographical boundaries, as I tirelessly explore diverse themes and undertake projects of varying scales.

When I painted a double portrait of two friends for the first time in 2021, I felt the subtle interaction between the two girls in front of the camera in the photo and was immediately fascinated by it. This fascination grew with each subsequent double portrait, leading me to decide that these images should mark the beginning of a new series called "Friends." My aim is to explore how and where friendships develop and how they can be maintained. My focus is not on politics but on everyday life, as that is where everything begins for each of us. I deeply believe that personal encounters and the nurturing of friendships are the keys to a more peaceful world.

In essence, my art transcends mere representation, serving as a conduit for empathy and connection in our global society. Through my dedication to exploring the complexities of humanity, I aim to inspire introspection and unity worldwide with every stroke of my brush.

Art is my bridge into the world.