Girl from India, Gosh Series 1, 2020 | oil on canvas, 50 x 70 cm

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"I strive to tear down borders and overcome distances with my artwork. While I explore the great variety of different cultures and individual characters, I also zoom in on an individual’s emotions - worries and joys, fears and hopes, sorrows and luck, passions and ambitions.“

~ Seona Sommer

Girl from India, Gosh Series 2, 2020 | oil on canvas, 50 x 70 cm

Man from India, Gosh Series 3, 2020 | oil on canvas, 50 x 70 cm

Lady from Darjeeling, India, Gosh Series 4, 2020 | oil on canvas, 50 x 70 cm

The Mission

I have always felt the desire to do something and make change possible so that somewhere a small part of the world becomes a better place. I care about people everywhere and I fancy the somewhat naive idea that everyone everywhere should be happy. My commitment to humanity and diversity is not limited to canvases. As I paint people I feel that I want to give something back. I feel that I want to zoom in even more and show that I care.

When I paint an individual human being there is always a bigger story behind that painting. Sometimes I know the model and then I also know their story. But more than often I do not know the model and then the story unfolds in other manners. Sometimes the narrative is completely told by my own creative mind, which again has been formed by the entirety of all my experiences, all my aquired knowledge, and to a great extent by my emotions.

And sometimes the story is related to someone else I know and their story and mine become intertwined. This also happened when I met Indian photographer Anjan Gosh and when I started painting portraits based on his photos. We share a very similar mission of using art as a means of connecting to people and taking action to bring change to people in need.

The Project

Own an exclusive piece of original artwork and participate in the project: All my paintings based on Anjan's photographs (The Gosh Series) are part of the project. In case of sales, 10 % of the proceeds will be donated to people or projects in rural India or in the slums of the big cities such as Kolkata. Scroll down to learn more about our current projects.

"I’m inspired by humanity in all its forms. Photography is an excuse to get closer to people and to hear their stories. That’s how I got started as a photographer, simply meeting people and taking the time to talk to them."

~ Anjan Gosh

Meet: Debashish Chatterjee

Kolkata | India

(Text and photos by Anjan Gosh.)

"We would like to bring to your attention the works of an immensely talented artist whom I, Anjan, have had the fortune to know for the last 20 years- Debashish Chatterjee. After travelling around the world, when I came back to Kolkata, I decided to look for my long lost friend Debashish Chatterjee. We met in the year 1998 at Birla School of Fine Arts. Soon from classmate we came good friends. After we passed out due to career choices we lost contact and when I returned to my city, I meant to look for him."

"But the big question was where to find him. The only place that came to my mind was his small room in a slum in Kolkata where he used to live during college days. However, while going there I also hoped not to find him there since I believed his talent must have taken him to a better place- maybe he owns a car and a nice house. Unfortunately, I found him thesame way he was during college days. I thought how could such a talented artist did not grow in his career. It seemed that for earning a penny also became difficult for him since he is also differently-abled. I made sure to do something for my friend so I approached my colleague Seona Sommer in Germany to promote his work to help him generate livelihood. We would like to request you all to come forward to help my friend promote his work which, in turn, will help in making his life better."

Anjan Ghosh | India      

These are some of Debashish Chatterjee's artworks:

Anjan, 2020 | oil on canvas, 50 x 50 cm (not for sale)

"My intention is not to show poverty or the poorness of Indian villages, but to portray something which would eventually come in aid of the rural people. A few of my like-minded friends are becoming aware of my intention, are showing interest to take some positive actions. We have taken a pledge that by this, if we can at least try to ‘change’ the life of one family in any part of our state; or in India, we would be greatly obliged."

~ Anjan Gosh

Original High-Quality Artwork

All paintings from the Gosh Series will be offered for sale. 10 % of the proceeds will be donated to people or projects in rural India or in the slums of the big cities such as Kolkata.


Please contact us when you want to make a donation or support this project in any other way.

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