The Joy of Simplicity


Village kids often live in rural areas and grow up surrounded by nature. Their daily lives are characterized by a close-knit community, simplicity, and a strong connection to their family and cultural traditions. They often have limited access to modern amenities and technology, but make up for it with outdoor activities and a strong sense of community. Village life provides kids with a unique sense of freedom and opportunity to learn from their environment, including growing crops, caring for livestock, and developing a deep appreciation for nature. Despite the challenges they face, village kids often grow up with a strong sense of resilience, independence, and a simple, happy life.

Artist: Anjan Gosh

Giza - Darkness

This is a film for all people going through confusing situations. May you keep hanging in there, nothing lasts forever.

If you can’t find a specialist, find someone to talk to. Find something interesting to keep you busy and keep surviving, for we don’t know what awaits us in the next life. Could be worse or better, who knows.

The artist was also going through a difficult time while maling this film, so the depression we can feel in these images is real.

Street Life in Tanzania

In this film, CK captured everyday situations of people in small villages near Dar es Salaam. They show people in poverty and children who work instead of going to school.

The work of the Tanzania Epilepsy Organization is also shown and a few scenes of the Msasani Primary School in Dar es Salaam.

Artist: CK Visuals