"I want to share my view of ENERGY and HUMANITY with the world."


I am a realistic painter from Tanzania. My main media are oil and acrylic on canvas. I paint with ENERGY and my main theme is HUMANITY. ENERGY means power and is also a physical and mental ability. I want to share my view of energy and humanity with the world. And I want to become a respected artist of the continent in the future.

My goal is to make art to become a respected artist in my home country, Tanzania. I also wish for my artwork to be exhibited in galleries and museums around the world.


Athuman Hamis Athuman was born on March 31, 1996 on the Tanzanian mainland. He calls himself OCHU by his artist name. At the age of 6, he started to paint with charcoal and chalk on different things like walls and the floor. And from then on, his community took notice of his talent.

In 2012, he decided to officially start painting, and art became his life. He began to use acrylic on canvas to paint pictures with ENERGY, which have to do with HUMANITY.

The base of his works is Mbezi Beach Tanki Bovu, Dar es Salaam, and his studio is located in Mwenge Hand Craft Market Shop No. 25. He participated as a facilitator in the Via Creative Competition 2022 project, led by Nafasi Art Space art center and sponsored by Total Energies Foundation.

Ochu is also an art teacher at the Music and Arts Center (MAK). He was elected chairman of the Tanzania Fine Art Association (TFA) in 2021 and has been responsible for the association’s registration with BASATA. He also curated the Maisha Baada Ya Uhuru exhibition for its members in 2022 at Jia Yuan Hou Ting Restaurant. Ochu has given interviews in many television programs such as ITV Superbrand Awarded, EATV and TBC (National Television). He has also been featured in newspapers such as Nipashe, Majira, The Guardians (one of the most popular magazines in East Africa) to name a few.


2020   Best Artist (1st place) KILI AWARDS, Jiachie na Kili Canvas, Tanzania
2020   4th place of Dlab Tanzania

EXHIBITIONS (selection)

2022   Bimdashi Exhibition, Cultural Center of India Swami Vivekananda Masaki, Tanzania
2021-22 Asante Sanaa, Bayreuth, Germany
2021   Jasiri Women, Coral Beach Masaki Shows, Tanzania
2021   Go Wireless, Tanzania
2018   Palestinian Embassy, Serena Hotel Hall, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


+255 785186358