"My goal is to put as much voice as I can in the world."


I use different mediums in my art to deliver the intended message to my audience. I use mixed media in many of my paintings, in each work every material I use is a metaphor that speaks on certain things. The reason I use different mediums is because I enjoy exploring new techniques, they always open doors to new creativity. My art is about myself, women who came before me and the women to come. My art educates, speaks against the things that devalues women and make us feel less worthy as well as reminding women of our
strengths, beauty and the abilities creation have trusted us with.

My goal is to put as much voice as I can in the world and keep learning from other people as I keep going, as well as sharing the knowledge I have with the young generation so as to keep the voice existing.


Gertrude Alex Malizeni is a multi disciplinary visual artist based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. She primarily uses painting, photography and videography to tell stories of women from her family and society. Her work is also collaborative as she works with other female collectives from different fields. Her artistic journey began in 2019 when she joined the Nafasi Academy contemporary arts programme that aimed to help young artists grow. She found her voice in the process and decided she needs to do art to keep existing and putting value to life. Most of her work is inspired by the relationship between her and her mother who was an undercover poet and a victim of patriarchy system.

EXHIBITIONS (selection)

Gertrude has participated in a number of exhibitions including; Nafasi Academy exhibitions, Print proof exhibition with Koko Ten, Extra
time photography exhibition with La Liga and Spain Embassy, Jasiri women in art in
collaboration with UN women exhibition, Nawaza nini exhibition with Nafasi Academy.

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