"I believe art is a powerful tool and for that I aim to aspire change in my society through my art."


My art is all about the people around me, the mystery behind them and the messages they each carry in small gestures.

I have focused mainly on youth who I feel I can greatly connect with. Most of my friends and neighbors are youth, generally I get my content by having random conversations with them.

I found my art resonates around cultural growth and social instabilities, be it addiction, gender abuse or environmental crisis. I believe art is a powerful tool and for that I aim to aspire change in my society through my art.


Annah Lot Nkyalu is a figurative visual artist based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, working in different mediums especially ink (pen). Pen was always on her hands while she was at school where she mostly had the urge to draw, for that she mastered it earlier than any other medium. Her works usually takes many hours of concentration involving many layers of pen strokes. Annah considers herself as a social activists as some of her works reflects the societys strength and struggles. Annah believes art is a miracle; for its the creation of wonders out of the blankness just like the awesome creations of GOD. Annah is a member of Vijana Vipaji Foundation and has a shared studio at Nafasi Art Space.


2022   Second runner of the Young Visual Artist competition (ongea project) by Mulika Tanzania
2019   Grand winner of the Young Visual Vrtist by Tanzania Fine Art (TFA)

EXHIBITIONS (selection)

2022   Jasiri Art Exhibition, International School of Tanganyika, Tanzania
2022   An Ode to Women, Rangi Gallery, Tanzania
2022   The Power of a Woman, National Museum of Tanzania
2021   Go Wireless, Jasiri Women in Art, Coral Beach Hotel, Tanzania
2021   East Africa Visual Artist Connect, UVADA Gallery, Uganda
2021   Working Hours, Nafasi Art Space, Tanzania
2021   Women in Art , Belgium Ambassador’s Residence, Tanzania
2021   Hakuna Kulala Exhibition, Nafasi Art Space , Tanzania
2021   Jasiri Virtual Art Exhibition, UN WOMEN
2020   Young Upcoming Artists Exhibition, Belgium Ambassador’s Residence
2019   Women’s Day Exhibition, Iranian Cultural Center


+255 764 995 501