1 on 1 Figurative Art Mentoring Online

Create beautiful and photo-realistic figurative paintings with expert guidance from start to finish. For artists who want to add a new dimension to their creative expression.


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Are you fascinated by realistic figurative painting and looking for a way to take your art to the next level?
I will help you create beautiful realistic figurative works that will add a new dimension to your work using step-by-step techniques and personalized guidance.

This is what you get when you choose to mentor with me:

Pre-session questionnaire:

So you can share where you are, what you want, and I can get to work creating a personalized strategy for you.

Creative strategy and goal setting:

Together we'll work out your very own creative vision for figurative painting and then determine the necessary steps (technical and conceptual) that will take you on the path to get there.

In-depth technical instruction:

I’ll share my proven methods for creating beautiful figures in your paintings, and guide you through the practice, so you can get the technique solid and feel confident in your new work.

Accountability and productivity:

I will analyze your current artistic production habits and results and provide you with guidance to optimize your work, so that you can double your production and have more work to sell.

Plan for the future:

You’ll receive a personal summary at the end of the booking period with recommendations for your next steps, so you can continue your creative growth on your own.

About Me

  • 15 years of experience in the local, national and international art market

  • Artist, curator, project manager and specialist book author

  • Pedagogical training (M.A. & Teacher Training Program) and many years of professional experience

  • Intensive further training at the Professional Artist Institute


Packages & Prices:


3 weekly sessions of 1h per session:

50 EUR per student/hour*

Advance payment of

145 EUR for 3 sessions of 1h each


6 weekly sessions of 1h per session:

50 EUR per student/hour*

Advance payment of

290 EUR for 6 sessions of 1h each


Get an offer for your

personal package of 20 or more sessions*

Advance payment

from 900 EUR

*Trial one-off session of 30 minutes for 30 EUR.

Premium Access:
Up to 2 times a week: Get email answers to your urgent questions in between.

Only available with a fixed booking of at least 6 sessions
for an additional 290 EUR/per 6 sessions.
Also available directly afterwards for 3-session packages
for an additional 145 EUR/per 3 sessions.

Only 3 seats available.
First come, first served.